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  AWO Agenda
التالي تشغيل إيقاف السابق
AWO News
The 10th Ordinary Meeting for AWO’s Executive Council, Algiers ,26 February ,2013
The 1st Extra Ordinary Meeting for AWO’s Supreme Council, Algiers ,27 February ,2013
Under the auspices of His Excellency President Abdel Aziz Boutaflika ,AWO holds its 4th Conference "Women's Entrepreneurship in the Arab World: Development and Leadership", Algiers , 25-27 February 2013
AWO participates in the 91st Session of the Economic and Social Council Meetings, Cairo, 10-14 February, 2013
AWO participates in the 3rd session of the Arab Economic Social and Development Summit,Riyad,21 January,2013
Programs and Activities
A project aiming at surveying programs and projects in AWO Member States aiming at empowering women in the AWO’s seven fields of interest.
A program aiming at encouraging scholars, researchers and Media personnel to be more responsive to women's issues.
A program aiming at activating the role of the youth in advancing the status of Arab women through creating forums that enable them to freely exchange ideas on the current status of Arab women
A program aiming at utilizing Media to serve women's issues.
A program aiming at achieving effective communication with prestigious International institutions to convey correct information about the status of Arab women.
A program aiming at empowering women,through enhancing their capacity and skills in all areas of AWO’s work.
A database that includes data relating to Arab women in the AWO’s fields of interest. (in Arabic)
An electronic modules aiming at raising women awareness and empowering them through electronic learning modules. (in Arabic)
A database that provides a directory on qualified immigrant Arab women and various information services to Arab women in immigrant countries. (in Arabic & English)
An E-Library that provides researchers interested in women studies with the references and sources they may need. (Data is available in Arabic, English & French)
A database that includes a wide list of legal questions and answers (Q & A) pertaining to Arab Women’s rights in different legal fields. ( in Arabic)
A database that highlights the judicial provisions that contributed to the preservation and protection of the rights of Arab women, based on country studies prepared by experts from AWO Member States. (in Arabic)
A chronological historic record of the most significant milestones in the march of Arab women. (in Arabic & English)
A database that includes a list of all participants in AWO’s activities & projects.( in Arabic)
A database that provides a wide-range of data and statistics that reflect the status of Arab Women in different fields. ( in Arabic)
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