Encouraging Women Studies and Artistic Innovation

Women's studies is one of the newer areas of specialization in the world in general, and in the Arab world more particularly. This is due to a set of conditions and situations specific to Arab societies leading away from this area and not considering it worth the attention of researchers, let alone specializing in it. Though some Arab universities offer curricula in women's studies, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level, this is considered the exception rather than the rule. The quantitative and qualitative nature of the women studies curricula in most universities in Arab countries is considered to be one of the main factors driving researchers away, not only from specializing in women's studies at the postgraduate level, but even from conducting specialized studies in this area. There is, therefore, a scarcity of Masters and PhDs degrees and also in studies conducted in the various fields related to women in the Arab countries.

:For this reason, the Arab Women Organization has adopted the following activities to promote research and study in the field of women


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