Arab Youth Discussion on Women's Issues in 2016

In today's globalized world, there is an unprecedented revolution in communication and information technology used by youth in particular. The world has become for them a small village without borders, with open arenas for discussion and dialogue on various topics and issues of concern to all of them. One of the important issues for discussion and dialogue among young people is the status of women, their situations and problems, especially if the parties of the dialogue come from different cultural backgrounds where comparisons are made between the situation of women in different societies.


Youth represent half of the present and all of the future. Therefore, a constructive dialogue among them on women marked by clarity, trust and equality and based on accurate information is a cornerstone in building global understanding and rapprochement among the generation of tomorrow on a very sensitive issue that is a major cause of misunderstanding between different cultures.


If dialogue between Arab and Western youth on women issues is a basic level of dialogue, it must be preceded by a dialogue between Arab youth on women issues aimed at providing them with accurate and adequate information in this regard.


The concept of this project is to open dialogue between a selected group of Arab youth on the conditions and problems of Arab women, and ways to promote them. Further, to educate youth about the challenges facing women, and to take advantage of their visions and perceptions on how to meet these challenges.

Dialogue between Arab Youth :

Within the context of this program AWO organized the following activities:
  • Arab youth dialogue, Cairo, July 5-7,2005, where 27 young men and women from member states discussed the status of women in their representative countries.
  • Workshop to discuss Arab youth strategy to support the role of Arab women in building security. Male and Female participants joined the workshop which was held in Tunisia July 16-20,2006.
  • The same aforementioned group of youth joined a workshop in Bahrain, November 10-12 to finalize the above mentioned youth strategy. The strategy was launched by H.H Shaikha Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, AWO President(2005-2007), during the first AWO Conference, Bahrain, November 13-15,2006.
  • A training course to develop youth field research skills was held under the auspices of H.H. Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, AWO President(2007-2009), Abu Dhabi, 30December,2007 - 3 January,2008.
  • Male and female youth from member states joined a workshop held under the auspices of H.H. Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, AWO President(2007-2009), Abu Dhabi June 11-14,2008. The objective of the workshop was the development of dialogue and communication skills of participants.

Arab-Western Youth Dialogue :

The project comprises four main phases:

The AWO, under the auspices of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, President of the AWO (2007-2009) organized an Arab and Western youth dialogue on women issues in Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates, June 15-17, 2008. The purpose of the dialogue was to discuss the conditions of women in both worlds in seven areas of concern to AWO (Health and the Environment, Education, Social, Political, Economic, Legal, and the Media).


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