Electronic Learning Modules

The Arab Women Organization adopts a project to produce electronic Learning units for Arab women .

The project utilizes information and communication technology in the process of raising awareness and empowering women, through developing interactive learning modules in topics related to women and child health and environmental safety. These modules address issues such as osteoporosis, early detection of breast tumors, and dental health of children, obesity, diabetes, heart disease , child intelligence and mental health , healthy food for children up to 12 years,anemia for women (with emphasis on the stages of adolescence, pregnancy, breastfeeding and old age) and food poisoning(including poisoning from pesticides) and are available for free on the internet .

Currently, AWO is producing another set of modules that include: viral hepatitis (a, b, c); genetic diseases (including those resulting from consanguineous marriages and the issue of hereditary anemia; and pollution of water (with a focus on the cycle of pollution in water).