Under the Slogan (From a Position of Responsibility: Women are the Frontline Defense Against Coronavirus)

In response to the emerging epidemic of coronavirus currently afflicting the world, the Arab Women Organization is launching a multi-component media campaign.

The campaign began with the organization's official statement on the Coronavirus, followed by several events includes guidance and awareness about the prevention of the virus, introductions of women's championships in the frontlines of defence against the epidemic, and information about the impact of this emerging pandemic on women and girls economically, socially and healthily. The campaign also highlights national initiatives and gender-sensitive best practices in the Arab world as part of the epidemic response plans. As well as introducing the latest publications and reports that address this pandemic in terms of its impact on women.


- Statement by the Arab Women Organization On Coronavirus Crisis from here

- Professor Fadia Kiwan, Director General of the Arab Women Organization, in interview for the Global Research Programme on Inequality’s (GRIP) miniseries on the current COVID-19 pandemic from here

- Professor Kiwan Speech On The Challenges Of The Covid-19 Outbreak On Arab Women And Girls from here



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