Launching of the cultural workshop of the Arab Women Organization on "Dismantling Stereotypes in Culture and Parenting in Arab Societies" in Beirut


 The workshop on " Dismantling stereotypes in Culture and Parenting in Arab Societies " was launched this morning in Beirut over the duration of  20-21 June 2019.

The opening session of the workshop was attended by Ms. Claudine Aoun,  president of the National Commission for Lebanese Women and President of the High Council of AWO, Dr. Fadia Kiwan, Director General of AWO, and Mr. Mohamed Ould Omar, Director General of Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization  (ALECSO).

The workshop opened with a speech by Ms. Claudine Aoun in which she pointed out that the subject of the workshop is related to the issue of pensions that women face in the Arab countries in specifically in terms of the impact of education and culture, adding that she looks forward to the workshop to highlight the responsibility of all actors in society to fight the discrimination against women and girls in the Arab region, and that the responsibility here is on families and teachers and the nature of the relationship between the father and mother, which affects the intellectual composition of the child. Ms Aoun stressed that the media and social media are the one of the most important factors in the formation of the child's mind.

Dr. Fadia Kiwan said in her speech that this workshop is specialized in the fields of culture and children's psychology in the framework of a program adopted by AWO entitled "Education for Tomorrow: Towards Equal Opportunities for Girls and Boys" aimed at dismantling stereotypes and discrimination against girls and women from cradle to grave.  And that the workshop is the second step in this program.

It should be noted that the workshop was attended by experts in the fields of education, psychology and psychiatry for children and writing and creative specialists for children from eleven Arab countries (Jordan, Tunisia, Iraq, Oman, Palestine, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Lebanon, Libya and Yemen).

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