Seminar on The Transformative Social Roles Facing Motherhood and Child Care


Cairo, 17- 18 October 2022

The Arab Women Organization is holding a seminar entitled "Transformations in Social Roles Facing Motherhood and Child Care", in Cairo from 17-18 October 2022.
The Seminar aims to identify motherhood and childcare legislations in the Arab countries and the public policies adopted in this field. It also highlights the development in the roles of family members and family solidarity that represent support for women in performing their roles at the public and private levels. It also presents experiences of some Arab countries.

The Seminar aims to come up with practical recommendations concerning the mechanisms which could support women and enhance their participation in public sphere.
The Seminar presents three working papers followed by discussions and reviews from the participants.  
The first paper discusses entitled (Educational Infrastructure in the Arab Countries) prepared by Dr. Mona Mutman from Jordan, and the second paper entitled (Institutional and Legislative Framework in the Field of Supporting Matherhood and Child Care in the Arab Countries) prepared by Mrs. Nihad Abu Al-Qumsan from Egypt, and the third paper is entitled (The roles of spouses and family members in caring for infants and children) Prepared by Dr. Fadia Hoteit from Lebanon.

Representatives of the Arab ministries of labor, education, social affairs and women affairs, as well as legal, social and educational experts from the Member States should attend the Seminar, and it will be held in hybrid module, with limited invitations. The participation is also available via Zoom application.

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