The Concern of Women in the Arab World conveyed to Secretary General of the United Nations H.E Antonio Guterres


 On the 25th November 2023, with the opening of the 16 days Campaign of the UN to combat violence against women, the Director General of the Arab Women Organization Prof/ Fadia Kiwan addressed a letter to his Excellency the Secretary General of the UN, conveying to him the concern of women in the Arab World because of the deterioration of the situation of women and children, being affected by wars and armed conflicts in the Arab Region, and encouraging him to take bolder action to stop the ongoing tragedy in Gaza.

The letter expressed the concern of women about the vicious circle of blind retaliation against civilians in the conflict of more than 75 years and which is now turning into a genocide in Gaza. 
The letter commanded the response of some high-ranking senior officials of the UN and particularly the visit to the Arab Region and statement of the UN Women Executive Director Dr. Sima Bahous, which have been honest, courageous and helpful. 
The letter expressed the need for a revival of the UN and the International Multilateral system to increase pressure to stop aggressions against Palestinians and insure an immediate and unconditional ceasefire and a search of a sustainable peace process. 
the letter ends by considering that such an initiative would be the best gift to women in the name of justice and peace.    

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